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Supplemental IT Resources

Version: 2016.03.10

Compiled by: Jeremy Leik

Table of Contents


General Resources

Yahoo start your own computer business group

Yahoo computer technicians group

Solo Tech Pros


Surplus Servers (off-lease refurbished)

Surplus Servers and Server hardware

Small Net Builder – info on SOHO / small business network equipment

The Register – Tech news with a Eruopean Perspective

BIOS Central – Error codes from different BIOS manufacturers

Audio and Video Podcasts



Linus Tech Tips

Revision3 – Home of Hak5 and other useful Tech Shows

TWiT Network – Lots of amazing free information

Eli the Computer Guy – Question Channel

Eli the Computer Guy – Main Channel

Defensive Security Podcasts

Paul’s Security Weekly

Down the Security Rabbithole

The Southern Fried Security Podcasts

Linux Specific Resources

Distrowatch – information and links to various Linux Distributions



Howtoforge Linux Tutorials



Bleachbit (for Linux and Windows) Tutorials – Learning the Shell

Linux Tutorials courtesy of

Kali Tutorials

Special Purpose Linux Distros

Redo Backup and Restore – a stand-alone Linux distro that is a FREE replacement for many of the functions of Norton Ghost. It can backup hard drives to a local HDD or a CIFS or FTP server across a network.

IPFire – Linux based Firewall distribution

Apple: Mac / iOS Resources

Mac News Network

Apple Insider

9to5 Mac

iOS on Mashable

Android Resources


Android Central

Commercial Products / Services

The Hak5 Shop
*Check out the Wifi Pineapple and the LAN Turtle


iFixit – Repair guides and tools


CrashPlan Partner Program


Carbonite Partner Program – they aren’t cheap, but have reseller program and SOX, PCI, HIPAA compliance

D7ii – this is a multi-tool that aids in malware removal and can be extended as a point of automation of other tools. It’s not the cheapest tool out there, but the time that can potentially be saved is priceless.

Facebook Groups

These Facebook groups may be of interest to some readers. Some are serious and others attempt to bring out the more humorous side of IT.

  • IT Install Nightmares & Greatness
  • IT Security
  • Synology IT Admins
  • Proxmox – Virtual Environment
  • Information Security
  • Information TechnologySecurity RelatedPrivacy Tools has a lot of good information to check out. Especially interesting if you live in a country with government surveillance. NOW – no list of security sites would be complete without mentioning this great podcast.

    SANS Institute resources

IT Security Page at TechRepublic

Security Week

IT Security Resources at Computer Weekly

Dark Reading

IT Security Guru

US-CERT (United States Computer Emergency Response Team) Tips

Programming – Introductions

Learn Python the hard way: Software & Utilities – Cross Platform

Yumi – Utility to put multiple boot images on a single USB (Windows & Lnux)

YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator

Universal Media Server (based on Playstation Media Server) – serve media from any computer (Linux, Mac, Windows) to your favorite TV connected device

Software & Utilities – Linux Only

Software & Utilities – Mac Only

Software & Utilities – Windows Only

RMPrepUSB – Utility to put multiple boot images on a single USB

Toolwiz Time Freeze – a free alternative to the commercial Deep Freeze software

ReBoot Restore Rx – a free alternative to the commercial Deep Freeze software

404 Page

Steadier State – a free alternative to the commercial Deep Freeze software

Utilities – I haven’t used these, but they look interesting

Terabyte has a suite of utilities for imaging and other things. They support Windows and Linux.

EaseUS – create an emergency boot disk. This seems to be more useful than the plan, command line based WinPE disk that you can make in Windows >=8.x

Windows Repair Toolbox – was a utility featured in a forum post I read. The caveat with this one is that you need to have a Windows PC with an internet connection to download the individual tools. Runs on Windows versions from XP to 10.

Another site worth looking at, that I just recently discovered is GEGeek

TRONScript sounds like it’s worth checking out. stage_2/

O&O ShutUp 10 – to turn off the “phoning home” in Windows 10

Freefixr – General purpose removal tool for Windows platform. Looks like it might be useful.

R Tools Technology – they make several tools for multiple platforms. Linux, Mac, Windows

ToolWiz – maker of several utilities including Time Freeze which is an alternative to DeepFreeze

Xen Orchestra – A web configuration interface for Xen Server!/